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Follow Me Boy Cream

Follow Me Boy Cream

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This is a very special spell that entices your intended to listen up and take notice to what you need.  Sometime the men need to pay a bit more attention or have a more compassionate ear.  This will make them take notice of your desires and wishes.  Designed to be worn daily around the intended.

Directions for use:  Wear it and think about the intended.

Follow Me Boy is a type of Hoodoo rootwork, or spell, which is where herbs and roots are prepared to bring about a magical result.  The specific roots and herbs used are based on hundreds of years of Hoodoo herb lore and tradition.  Different roots and herbs are added to bring about specific results.

In the case of Follow Me Boy, the result is control over a man.  It is not a general “bring me love” spell, nor is it meant to make you more attractive, or to bring about more passion in your love life.  There are other Hoodoo conjure oils for those intentions, so be sure you’re choosing the right tool for the job.

Follow Me Boy is intended to bring about domination over a man. You need to have a specific man in mind for it to work.

It can be combined with other rootwork to bring about multiple effects. 

For instance, if you have a boyfriend but the spark has gone out of your sex life, and you fear he may be straying, you can use Follow Me Boy to bring him back under control combined with something like Cleopatra Oil to bring back fire to the bedroom.

Follow Me Boy denotes the intent of the rootwork, along with the recipe of roots and herbs used. It comes in many forms such as a dry powder that can be sprinkled, an oil that can used to annoint or to dress a candle, as pre-made Follow Me Boy candles where the herbs are already infused, or even as crystals that can be used in a bath.

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