The quiet part of our family

Due to persecution by the English royalty, Bob's family was forced to America in the early 1700’s, where they settled in the Appalachian region.  In that area they prospered, built schools, colleges and towns that were just as grand as anything that was available in their native land of Ireland and Scotland.

With them they brought the cures and special social remedies that helped them prosper for decades. Spoken in Gaelic, and Latin, from a time of Roman occupation to revolts of the native people of the land.  Many of the people were sought after for special powers that allowed them to control the forces of nature or even the nature of the people around them.  Helping families form a bond or eliminating a problem that wasn’t deserved.  These bottles, sayings and conjures where handed down from generation to generation and from Daughter to Daughter to keep the spirit on a path that it was destined to follow.  These girls would learn the art of tarot, cardiology, and root medicine, while the boys were taught spells and ways to see into the future.

This was as it was for the White family.  The Sandifer family had almost the same story but goes almost completely untold due to local persecution of the family.  This was brought on with the connection this family had this the darker spirits that were present in these hills.  They practiced with good intentions but also had the ability to call upon the darker side when it was needed.  One day these families would meet and form a bond in Macon Georgia in the early part of the 1950’s.

Bob's grandmother, Clemon, had 2 girls and 1 boy.  The boy and the oldest girl rejected the gift, however, Patsy Jane embraced it with heart, mind, soul and spirit.  People came from all over the south to get help from the White Family for decades. Unfortunately Patsy only had boys so there were no girls to pass down the gifts that had been in the family for centuries.

Based on family tradition the boys were taught what was offered which was spell casting, root medicine and tasseography.  Nothing more.  The youngest boy, Bob, decided to carry on the family tradition.  He watched, listened, memorized and fought to learn everything he could and in the process he learned many other forms of magic from the house keepers and visitors to his grandmothers home. One woman by the name of Dontnameher Chambers was a huge influence on Bob. This is now part of his gift that he offers to others.  It can be a bit unorthodox but it seems to gain the attention of all those that are listening.

How do we pass on the White families gift that has travels so many centuries?  Bob married a young girl by the name of Dee. Bob's mother found her to have the “sight” so she taught her everything she knew and then became part of the legacy that arrived on that ship in the 1700’s. 

In 1991 Bob and Dee had a single child.  A young boy.

Dee has been practicing Tarot for over 20 years now while specializing in Cartology.  This is the reading of ordinary playing cards.  This was Bob's Grandmother, and mothers, choice of reading as well.  However she is well versed in all forms of Tarot, Pendulum Reading and Spell Casting thanks to Patsy.  Dee handles most of the love spells that you will find on her sites as well as the ones offered on her live shows.

Bob's spells are always involved.  It isn’t a simple sentence you recite on the full moon or the confiscation of a lock of hair.  You receive a package with items that must be used to perform the ceremony.  This is how it has been for centuries and many of these potions and words have not changed.

If you pay close attention you may find the spell is in latin while the vials may contain items that can only be identified if you have lived a full life.  Someone once asked Bob what he practiced and after thinking for a minute he said “pagan, christian, hillbilly, hoodoo magic it works and I have references".