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Florida Water (Family Recipe)

Florida Water (Family Recipe)

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Mr. Bob dun made dis betta as he says.

Made Stronger so Miss Dee will let him in the house after his Cigar break.  Now as he cleanses himself for his next spiritual work the "cuban countryside" will go home.  Just a few sprays on your hands and clothes is all that is needed.  Makes a great gift for yourself ladies.

This is what we use as Florida Water but dis mo betta.  A family recipe that is not only powerful but sweet smelling and drinkable it is so pure.  This is great for daily cleaning and is what we use before during any spell casting or "off-site" work.  This will drive the evil away post haste and with no prejudice.

It only takes a small amount to do what other require a hand full to accomplish so this  4oz spray bottle goes a long way.  Each batch is custom made and we use only the finest natural food-grade ingredients so this water can be used for body and bath by men and women.  The scent is only designed to last a short time so it will not interfere  with your other perfumes and colognes.

Been known to drive off werewolves...just sayin'
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