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Angel Calming Oil Blend

Angel Calming Oil Blend

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Once you wear this you will understand the power of self awareness.  The oil takes over 1 year to make and each 1 quart batch is made from over 10lbs of Rose petals.  Madagascar vanilla is added for a boost to the senses and its calming effect is famous throughout the south.  The original batch was made in the late 1700's and that starter oil is still present in each quart jar that is produced.

Feel free to ask for a sample and see why this is one of the best kept secrets of our family.  Now available to the general public thanks to Miss Dee.

This oil is ONLY to be worn in TINY amounts.  Usually placed in a "hot spot" such as behind your ear, on your wrist or on the side of your upper neck.

Mr. Bob uses this in his studio during recording sessions to help relax and calm the artist.  Some of the biggest names in the music industry rely on this oil during tours and while working on new matering.

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