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Pendulums - Forged Steel

Pendulums - Forged Steel

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These Pendulums are a family tradition for our way of magick.  They represent strength, power, security, wisdom, safety, prosperity and virility.  Only the most powerful spells are cast on these 4inch hand forged iron tools.  Traditionally they were worn around the neck but can just as easily be placed in a pocket, porch, driven into a tree to protect against evil spirits and hexes or even buried in the yard.

Many parents place these in the rooms with New Born Children or put them under the mattress of the sick and dying.  They are always close to everyone here at the Cup and Spell Tavern and have been part of our family for centuries.

We also use them as a rest on top of our casting bowls for the PETITION or INTENTIONS.  They have many uses and we use them to their fullest potential.  Each new batch is slightly different in design per family tradition.

these pendulums can also be used in place of crystals and other items for use with a board or stone.

You will see Bob use these during each live show.


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