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Casting Wicks - Love and Devotion

Casting Wicks - Love and Devotion

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Perfect little additions to your spell.  These are great in Gris Gris bags as well as being used for just general spell casting.  They are small and fully dressed with whatever spell you have selected.

This idea came about back in the early 1930's when some members of my family performed spell work at carnivals and county fairs.  Large, dressed, candles took to long to burn and building a regularly requested spell was tough on the pocket considering a nickel got you a show, a read and possibly a spell.  You could come to the table, have a love spell cast and the candle would be out in only a few minutes.  This would get you back to your chores an hour early.

We keep prosperity and Love Spell wicks in stock at all times and they come in 5 and 10 pack bags ready for use.  These go great with a bottle spell, gris gris bag or just when you feel like giving your spell a boost.  Light the wick and say your "words".

These should be used with other items for your spell work but they are powerful enough to be used on their own if the circumstances are right.

These are available in a 3 pack and please feel free to call and talk to someone concerning their use.

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